Optical-Control Component Counter

OC-SCAN® CCX.3 - small and compact

Is the world smalles XRAY component counter. The allround software based on long year expirience by EMS Production knowledge. Easy handling, high repeability and counting time less then 15 sec is unique on the market.

Count now 4 reels simultan
(2,5sec/ 7" reel)

Single reel = 240 reels / Std. incl. Handling
4 reels       = 845 rreels / Std. incl. Handling

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CCX.3 Details

The CCX.3 is very compact, reduce mainpower dramaticaly and quarantiy high repeability counting results.


- count repeatability: > 99,9 %
coutning time: < 10 Sek.
reel diameter: max. 38 cm
reel height: max. 10 cm
Fullfills all rules for full closed X-RAY system