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ECO Airflow Maintanance cleaning system

THE KOLB AF Economy parts and maintenance cleaning machine

AF03 and AF04 are simple airflow cleaning system to clean solder frames and carriers.

- Simple operation

- Cleaning

- Rinsing

- Active drying (AF04)

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The compact AF maintenance cleaning systems are manually controlled and powered by airflow.
Cleans: Condensation traps, solder-frames, carriers and machine parts

Machinetype AF03 AF04 AF03_SO12
chamber size

B 385mm
D 460mm
H 480mm

B 580mm
D 610mm
H 470mm
W 1150mm
D 290mm
H 590mm
Frames 4-6 6-9  
Condensfilter 2 <4  
Chamber 2 3 2
Control manually manually manually
Drying drop down heating fan  

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Premium airflow maintenance cleaning machines

Kolb Fully automatic parts and tools cleaning machine

like AF20/30/75 cleans solder mask, carriers, condensation traps and offer the product change without contact to the medium.

Cleaning in the entire chamber with AirFlow┬« air-in-immersion technology

- No direct detergent contact

- Loading & unloading in empty tank

- Up to 4 filter stage 

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The automatic AF maintenance cleaning systems are plc controlled and powered by airflow machines.

Cleans: Condensation traps, solder-frames, carriers and machine parts


Machinetype AF20AF30AF75
Chamber size





Chamber  111
Control  automaticautomaticautomatic
Drying  hot airhot airhot air

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