Essegi ISM UltraFlex3600


Is a cascadable and can be used as a central MSL controlled, SMD component stock.

Maximum capacity 3624 reels.
Height of the reels freely configurable up to 88mm.

Maximum flexibility: all heights combinations Heights configuration practically unlimited. Every tray has a range from a minimum height of 8mm to a maximal height of 88mm. The machine is able to dynamically manage the subdivision of the interior spaces just as occurs with a hard disk.

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Essegi Solutions

The Essegi system is the first complete solution for small medium and large production areas.

It can be used as a standalone solution up to a central storage and warehouse system.

The system offers the highest safe transport concept for reels, where loose tapes are no longer a problem. The trays are stackable and can be adapt to any reel thickness by easy modification.

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Essegi automation

The Essegi UltraFlex Systems are able to adapt with automatic loading docks.

This offers the production team, to place their material on trolleys.

Essegi also offers an automation solution, where “autonomy vehicles” are parking in docking stations for automatic loading or unloading process.

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Essegi ISM warehouse modul

Essegi Material Incoming System

Features and BenefitsThrough the Material Incoming Station operators will speed up material registration activities, avoid mistakes, and increase the traceability of each individual Unique ID.
With its Auto-Incoming features, it is possible to automatically import information from the supplier and/or customer's label into the ERP, and print a new Unique ID. 


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Essegi ISM1800

ISM 1800
Exclusive advantage: no need to set up in advance the positions.
With ISM Ultraflex 1800 you don't need to pre-set the height of the inner positions to stock the components. Maximum flexibility: all height in a range from a minimum height of 8mm to a maximal height of 88mm.
New ESD 7" tray: multiuse and with double storage capacity Multifunctional. Total of 1836 reels positions as 7" reels with 8mm height regards.
Patented Fast Exit: loads and unloads up to 54 reels simultaneously
Fast Exit: ultra-fast exit system and extraction of the reels in a record time and also during the loading / unloading phase


Essegi ISM500


IMS 500
can store coils, microprocessors trays, SMT and PTH sticks, frames, stencil plates and many other materials. Up to 640 different positions for 7/13/15 inch reels.
Three LED light signals indicate
A PDA reader indicates the component code, to avoid errors in the picking phase.
Dynamic storage
Humidity control control and the moisture level is constantly below 5%.
Accurate calculation of the "Floor Life"


Essemtec autom. component Storage

Essemtec Cubus

The Cubus storage solution is the total, flexible, full-automatic, process controlled component storage. The two sizes, Regular and Large are offering a capacity up to 612/932 reels. The customer can change the shelf pitch anytime by himself to optimize his storage to actual requirements. 

Reel size4" - 15"4" - 15"
Reel width8-72mm8-72mm
max. Capacity612 pc932 pc
Access time<12 sec<12 sec

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Essemtec Cubus Info


The system offers the best link between main stock and SMD lines. Components are always available on side the lines. Shorten the distance between storage and SMD lines.
100% control for actual component location. Optimize material and production flow.

  • Shelf pitch optimization by customer
  • 24/7 humidity and temperature monitoring
  • O2 monitoring by using nitrogen support
  • Access time < 12 sec
  • High storage capacity
  • No operator permission problems in the main store or while night shift.