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Reflow DeltaPRObe

Solderstar SLX DeltaPRObe

By using the DeltaPro system, there is no need, to run repeatability an old PCB for reflow stability check.

- Zero preset profiling

- Multiple profiles memory

- Sensor check

- Simple run the DeltaPro repeatability thru the oven

- Get CP & CPK values of your oven.

- 100% repeatability results

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Solderstar SLX DeltaPRObe

With this heat shield, the neptune can be used anytime in the running production to check the machine capability and repeatbility ( MFU check ). The very high repeatbility of the recording data offers a very stabile result in the calculation. Three sensors are recording the length and the total with of the reflow profile. The solderstar Software automatically calculate the SPC data and the CP & CPK data of the reflow oven. If many different product are running thru the machines, the DeltaPRObe solution saves cost, time and stablilize the profiling repeatability for all products. if this record fits, all already profiled product will also fit in there process.

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