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Profiling Industry 4.0

Solderstar Smart Factory

- Industry 4.0 global soldering process link

- Keep all machines under control

- Check your maintance

- Know anytime, what is running

- Centralise all product process data on one location

Solderstar APS 24/7 Reflow traceability

- Record all single product profiles

- Reconstruct the result profile by defect oven

- Full traceability data recording

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Solderstar Smart Factory

Keep your production under control!
SMARTLine is a state-of-the-art data capture system that builds upon Solderstar’s range of real-time process monitoring instruments and sensors. The new interfaces provide the network link and software for streaming of live process data from the ovens on the production floor. The system is scalable and provides all the tools today to allow ‘big data’ capture from single test/evaluations lines to full smart factories scenarios.

Solderstar APS 24/7 Reflow traceability

Base for the Smart Factory is the product profile as well, the 24/7 solderstar product recording solution. Together, the solutions offer you tracing all products while real production running. Cause of a temperature drop in the oven, you can reconstruct the real profile on the specific product for easy OK/NG QS-decision. 

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