Solderstar Reflow Profiler

Solderstar NEPTUN LTE

The Neptun-LTE is designed to profile professional reflow oven and get immediately after profiling the CP & CPK value of the recorded profile. The Neptun-LTE is as a 4 channel system and fulfills more than 90% of the industrial reflow profiling standards.
The hardware with the ultra slim housing fits in all standard ovens. Recording, based on the system and the extensive software offers the operator a very quick result. The autoseeker option is the most powerfull calculation tool on the market and gives an optimal reflow setup after the first reflow recoding.

Technical Details
BatteryIndustry standard- NImh
SoftwareCP/CPK & SPC included
Autoseeker optional




Solderstar Total solution

Solderstar Neptun total solution

The Solderstar Neptun System is a recording unit which fits in many different heat barrier and pallets. With many temperatur and contact I/Os, the system is able to be used in Reflow-; Vapourphase-, Wave-, Selective and
Multinozzle selective soldering machines. Custom solution also available. It offers the typical profiling job ( PFU ) as well the MCA check for stability of single machines over a time period. Solderstar also offers a new solution for recording production throughput, machine stability and availability of machines centrally on one desk for all installed machines.

Solderstar Reflow profiling

Solderstar Neptun Reflow profiling

The Solderstar Neptun Reflow profiling system records the profile with a very slim system, who fits in all reflow ovens. A solderpaste database with profile data gives the platform for the correct tolerance. There is also a reflow oven database included. The solderpaste, reflow oven and the product together offers a high repeatability profiling for each product with each paste and each oven in the factory without mixing up the data. As a result, the product profile stability over a time period is also available within CP & CPK values as the SPC data of the oven. The optional autoseeker calculate a perfect profile based on economy, speed or process optimized base.