Apollo Seiko J-CAT Stellar


This robot is the high-powered model of the J-CAT robots. A 200 watt heater can be added as an attachment and is able to use the larger 2.0mm solder diameter. This machine is most useful in soldering high heat sink applications such as a multilayer board and shielding case. 

Working area200 x 200 mm
300 x 300 mm
400 x 400 mm
Soldering Cond.s500 conditions


Incl: Controller + Integrated solder head + ZSB Feeder + Janome desktop robot + Teaching pendant

Apollo Seiko L-CAT EVO-II

L-CAT EVO-II robot can be used for in-line or desktop applications. The L-CAT EVO-II has expanded Input and Output capability and an Ethernet function. The X/Y/Z/R-axes move more smoothly and are much more reliable.

The L-CAT EVO-II has a capacity of 100 programs and 100,000 points to meet virtually all soldering requirements. The soldering temperature can be customized inside each of the 300 soldering profiles to provide optimal quality and cycle time. 

Working area300 x 300 mm
 400 x 300 mm
 500 x 400 mm
Soldering Conditions198 conditions


Incl: Controller + Integrated solder head + ZSB Feeder + Apollo Seiko Gantry In-line robot + Teaching pendant