SAKI BF-3Di-L2 newest generation from SAKI, offers excellent performance and technical data. Within the 4 LCOS projection heads, the BF-3Di machine get unique quality pictures also in critical situation and offers on this way an perfect solution as an 3D- AOI inspection machine.

Available in 3 different models

This platform offers newest technology as:

- Full self diagnostic system
- M2M comunication to most
    existing suppliers
- High resolution
- High Speed

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SAKI BF-3Di Details

The BF-3Di-L2 is the most intuitive and easy programmable system. A free programmable component wizard, the LCOS Projection with the SAKI unique Grid system the BF-3Di offers a high repeatability 3D- AOI solution. 


Resolution7; 12; 18µ
max. PCB size330 x 330mm -
686 x 870 mm
max. Comp. Height20 mm
CameraCMOS area cam
Projection4x LCOS
Light4 Level HP LED
Inspect. speed5700mm²/s
Optional4x intelligent side cameras

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SAKI Industry 4.0

SAKI Line control solutions platforms

SAKI supports a long list of communications standards. Additional to the Hermes; Asys Puls and other standards, the BF-3Di platform provide down and uplink to printing and P&P machines of well known brands.

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SAKI Bf-3Di Performance

The LCOS projection project unique grids, combined with the telecentric lens for the camera of the SAKI BF-3Di System allows to measure component- height with high resolution up to 20mm with perfect picture results for high repeatability of the measurement results. Board colors and the board warpage are perfectly compensated by a SAKI unique solution, completes the performance of the system.