ASM e-by siplace

E by SIPLACE stands for top quality the German way. It let you place components with more precision and with the right force – even super-small 01005 components with

CP14collect & place 14 nozzle
CP12collect & place 12 nozzle
CP6PPcollect & place 6 nozzle
 + P&P head
CP12PPcollect & place 12 nozzle
 + P&P head
TwinHead2x P&P head

Head Setup ⇒

ASM head setup

CP14for the fastest placement of components. It accepts up to 14 components in a single pickup cycle, with a speed up to 45,300 cph.
CP12for an extremely wide component range up to 24.300 cph
CP6/PP* the all-rounder for 0201 - 45x98 mm
CP12/PP*the all-rounder for 01005 - 45x98 mm
TwinHead the p&p head for special and difficult applications

 E-performance ⇒

ASM e-performance

>SmartFeeder E

Intelligent, precision drives with a special internal tape guide system are hot-swappable

>Advanced Software Features

High-end programming tool SiplacePro with SetUp and Traceability features

> Perfect positioning: Linear motor control

High-quality linear drives operate with repeat accuracy, maximum speed, no wear, and very little maintenance.

E-quality ⇒

ASM e-Quality

E- Quality

>Placement force control comes standard

Whether you are dealing with sensitive components (LEDs, springs, very small components) or large connectors – the machine is programmable to set down each with the correct placement force. It recognizes even warped PCBs and adapts the placement process accordingly.

>the SIPLACE digital vision systems that is already setting standards in the high-end segment 

Each component - even for the smallest components (01005) - is captured and checked individually without slowing down.  Fast, easy teaching, proven in thousands of high-end applications