Vitronics Soltec Centurion

The modular Centurion shows the best thermal performance, improved sustainability driving power and nitrogen consumption to a minimum along with the patented new flux management system CATHOX which makes the Centurion the best value in the industry

Available models:


→ CT 82082
→ CT 93093
→ CT 1040104
→ CT 1240124


Technical features ⇒

Vitronics Centurion features

Technical features:

Conveyor width up to 508 mm
optional 610 mm (Dual Lane)
Air or nitrogen atmosphere operation
Controlled cooling with advanced water-to-air cooling
Patented Flux Flow Control™ to reduce maintenance
Low operational costs with reduced N2 consumption
Patented CATHOX flux management
Autoset profile/recipe generator
Traceability and barcode integration
Lifetime warranty on blowers and heaters