Nordson X_RAY component counter

- Stand alone

- In-line

- autom. smd storage systems integration


Essegi UltraFlex Stock solution

- total logistic solution

- Warehouse Module

- UltraFlex cascadable Stock solution >3600 SMD component

- ERP connection


New Platform with

- High speed

- High resolution

- Full System self diagnostics

- Closed loop connection


Kolb AQUBE High End Tools Cleaning


- Small footprint

- Intelligent water management

- 4.0 traceability solution

- Cleaning racks; boxes; solder frames; machine parts


Metcal Connection Validation

- Control continously the IMC

- Validate the correct tool

- Log your success solder joint

- Get the feedback- solderjoin is ready


Service & Support

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ATT is your Service Partner!

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