The new DEK NeoHorizon screen printers feature a totally modular design. Depending on requirements and applications, electronics manufacturers can equip the machines with various clamping systems, conveyors, sensors, camera systems and the latest version of the DEK ProFlow ATx printhead system at any time. The DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back configuration provides a dual-track solution that’s smart, flexible and future-proof. The perfect printer for high-mix contract manufacturing or high volume application.

Technical data
7,5 seconds standard cycle time with max PCB size of 508 x 620 mm
Machine Alignment Capability at >2.0 Cpk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)

NEO Productivity tools

APC All Purpose Clamping System includes overtop- and side clamping
Cyclone® or Cyclone Duo oscillating high speed underside stencil cleaner or
IUSC underside stencil cleaner with replaceable cleaning bar
ProFlow ATx or squeegee with pressure feedback 
Stinger® dispensmodule for paste and adhesives
HawkEye® high speed paste-verification-system
Networking with the self-learning ASM ProcessExpert 
ASM ProcessExpert self-learning Networking and further tools for maximum process reliability