Solderstar Total solution

Solderstar Neptun total solution

The Solderstar Neptun System is a recording unit which fits in many different heat barrier and pallets. With many temperatur and contact I/Os, the system is able to be used in Reflow-; Vapourphase-, Wave-, Selective and
Multinozzle selective soldering machines. Custom solution also available. It offers the typical profiling job ( PFU ) as well the MCA check for stability of single machines over a time period. Solderstar also offers a new solution for recording production throughput, machine stability and availability of machines centrally on one desk for all installed machines.

Solderstar Industry 4.0

Solderstar Smart Factory

Keep your production under control!
SMARTLine is a state-of-the-art data capture system that builds upon Solderstar’s range of real-time process monitoring instruments and sensors. The new interfaces provide the network link and software for streaming of live process data from the ovens on the production floor. The system is scalable and provides all the tools today to allow ‘big data’ capture from single test/evaluations lines to full smart factories scenarios.