Vitronics Soltec Delta X

The Vitronics Soltec Delta X has evolved from a long heritage of soldering machines with thousands in production worldwide. With technology-driven features developed over generations the Delta X is one of the most reliable, dependable, and cost-efficient wave soldering machine available to the industry.

Technical features ⇒

Delta X features

Technical features 

Finger transport in-Line wave-soldering-system
Conveyor width for PCBs, frames or mask up to 457 mm
NitroWave - nitrogen supply for solder waves
Spray Flux with recipe driven flux tank selection
with Single or Dual spray nozzle
Preheater length 1,8 m long with 3 segments
with different configuration
Preheat setup Bottom and topside preheat
with forced convection, calrod or lamps
Cast iron solderpot for
low wearing operation
Traceability and barcode integration