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SMD Logistic integration

The ISM software was created to perform the primary functions of accurate inventory control, inventory monitoring and component traceability. It has evolved over the years to favour advanced integration with other management systems in the company, from ERP to MES to pick and place production lines.

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It has evolved over the years to favour advanced integration with other management systems in the company.

  • ERP
  • MES
  • Pick and place production lines.

Essegi offers both standard interfaces, as well custom modified interfaces for the following data:

• Goods receipt to purchase order reconciliation
• Main warehouse material replenishment
• Buffer storage management
• Production orders for material and set-up planning
• Low level alarm management

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Optimised logistic workflow

The ISM software is the management software for the entire range of products offered by ESSEGI Automation.
It covers the complete workflow, adapted to customer need from the warehouse, to the SMD lines for components, PCB`s, stencils, solder paste, all stock locations, a.s.o.

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The intelligent warehouses of Ultraflex series, the dynamic Pick to light warehouses and the Incoming Material Station are perfect fitting add on, to safe time and human recources.

  • Manage inventory of SMT / THT components (PN and UID).
  • Update in real time quantities at the location of each unique code.
  • Schedule Work Orders.
  • Issue session launches for tab processing.
  • Plan Purchase Orders.
  • Analyses and distributes the picking lists of materials.
  • Anticipate line stoppages.
  • Propose the use of alternative parts.

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