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E by Siplace assembly machine

ASM E-by-SIPLACE Pick & Place machine

E-by-SIPLACE, the flexible allrounder for the midspeed segment

E-by-SIPLACE, highly efficient solution with its digital high-end vision system, high-precision linear drives and placement force control set new standards in the midspeed segment

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  • Premiumsoftware
    Identical station and workflow software for all ASM solutions (midspeed to high-end)
  • Huge component spectrum
    01005 to 200 × 110 mm - all covered with only three head types
  • Placement heads
    SIPLACE combi-heads (collect-and-place and pick-and-place) for precision, speed and flexibility
  • Feeders
    up to 120 8mm intelligent feeders with change over tables
  • Touchless/ Low Force Placement
    Controlled touchless placement and programmable forces as low as 0.5 N
  • Smart Connectivity
    ASM OIB, IPC-HERMES-9852, IPC-CFX and the Cloud ADAMOS

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