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E by DEK stencil printer


Smart, efficient, and flexible

E by DEK is our solution for applications in the midspeed segment as well as for small-lot and prototype manufacturing. The innovative printing platform consists of high-quality components and features optional packages for exceptional flexibility to be configurated to any application.

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Machine Alignment Capability:
         ±12,5 µm @ 2,0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)

System Alignment Capability:
         ±25 µm @ 2,0 Cpk, (±6 Sigma)

  • Programmable understencil cleaning
  • Variable, semi-automatic stencil mounting
  • Long and heavy boards · Inspection solutions
  • Process control/monitoring
  • Paste-management

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NeoHorizon stencil printer

DEK NeoHorizon

Maximum flexibility for the integrated smart factory

With its modular and scalable configuration options, the DEK NeoHorizon printer meets any process requirements and offers best flexibility for any production volumes. Based on your production requirements the printer can be equipped with different clamping systems, conveyors and material management, verification and traceability solution or upgraded with any productivity tools later on.

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DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX:

Machine Alignment Capability: ±12.5 µm @ 2.0 Cmk,
(±6 Sigma)

Wet Print Capability: ±25 µm @ 2.0 Cpk, (±6 Sigma)
Certified by external system

Core Cycle Time (CCT): 8 sec.

Perfect printing solution for best performance in
high-mix production

DEK NeoHorizon 01 iX:

Machine Alignment Capability: ±12.5 µm @ 2.0 Cmk,
(±6 Sigma)

Wet Print Capability: ±20 µm @ 2.0 Cpk, (±6 Sigma)
Certified by external system

Core Cycle Time (CCT): 6.5 sec.

Best printing quality with maximum throughput

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TQ High End stencil printer

DEK TQ Stencil Printer

Designed for the smart factory

The DEK TQ marks the next generation of stencil printers. Newly designed from the ground up, this new generation of DEK printers is faster, more precise and more powerful with extremely low maintenance. New linear drives, off-belt printing and innovative clamping system ensure a new level of accuracy and deliver a stable printing process - even for the latest 0201 metric components.

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  • Maximum precision and printing quality
    Solder paste printing for the latest generation like 0201 metric components
    System alignment capability up to ± 12,5 µm @ 2 Cmk
    Wet print accuracy up to ±17.5 µm @ 2 Cpk
  • Maximum throughput Core cycle time: 5 seconds
  • Fast and flexible 3-stage transport Linear drives, innovative clamping systems, off-belt printing
  • Smart Pin Placement
    Highflexible PCB support
  • Up to 8 hours without assist
    New USC with extra-large fabric roll and cleaning fluid supply, new printhead with new paste management system
  • Open, easy to integrate
    IPC-Hermes-9852, closed-loop to SPI, ASM OIB, IPC CFX
  • Efficient programming
    Fully new intuitive software and ASM Offline Printer Programming
  • Best floorspace performance
    Takes up only 1.3 square meters

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