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GT Handsoldering systems

METCAL GT handsoldering unit family

Metcal first soldering systeme with adjustable temperature station that uses inductive technology as the heating mechanism.

- Inductive technology &

- Adjustable temperature

- Ultra fast heatup time

- 100% repeatibility

- Intuitive 4 button operation

- USB connection for add on tools

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Metcal compact product family with low energy consumption by direct smart heating of the tips. Faster time to temperature and greater stability during the soldering process also lowers scrap yields and product returns by improving the quality of the solder joint.

Available Systems
GT-9090 Watt
GT-120120 Watt

Technical features

- 90 or 120Watt

- Inductive heating system

- Adjustable temperature

- Intuitive 4 button interface

- Programmable passwort

- Standby and sleeping settings

- USB port

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CV-Connection validation Rework systems

Metcal CV 500 & 5200

- KEEP Your intermetallic zone under control.

- 100% soldering control

- Record the soldering events

- Verify the used tips

- Setup the process parameters

- Control the process parameters

- Trace the hand soldering events

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Metcal offers with the CV Product Line the solution, to validate continuously the solder joint quality and the IMC. The system will give a feedback after reaching the optimal soldering time. It can also be used for validate the optimised tip and soldering temperature. Combining the Tipshape; temperature and the gradient, it will calculate the correct soldering time.

Process control steps:

- Recognise the inserted tip

- Recognise the start point

- Detect the melting point

- Calculate the correct IMC

- Optical and/ or acustic feedback

- confirm success or failed event

- Solder event logging

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MFR handsoldering Systems

METCAL MFR-handsolder systems family

- Base systems are
    - Single port System
    - Dual port system

- Big tool range
    - Plug and work

- Fixed temperature solution

- Always the optimal power ready

- 100% process repeatability

- <10sec heatup time

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Metcal MFR family compact product family with low energy consumption by direct smart heating of the tips. The system offers a very quick tip change to have anytime the optimal tool for the need of the soldering process.

System features

- Fixed temperatur

- Ultra fast reaction time

- Single button use

- Tip quick changeover

Available systems
Single port:   MFR-1100
Dual port: MFR-2200
Available tools
Ultra fine  soldering iron
Universal soldering iron
SMD tweezer
Desoldering tool

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