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AIM Solder provides high quality alloys and complimentary materials to the electronics industry. AIM’s variety of solder alloys provide solutions for issues commonly found within the SMT assembly industry.

- AIM own powder production
- AIM’s proprietary ElectropureTM process
- Available in
    REL22 ™
    REL61 ™
    Sn / Pb-alloy
    Sn / Cu-alloy

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No Clean solder wire

AIM’s complete line of solid and cored solder wire is available in a wide selection of alloys including AIM’s innovative REL alloys, lead-free and leaded solder alloys.
AIM solder wire is REACH and RoHS compliant and tested to meet or exceed IPC J-STD-006 and J-STD-001 requirements.

Available in:

- no clean, water soluble and rosin flux chemistries
- CX18 Handsoldering solder wire
- RX18 Robotic solder wire
- Availble Alloy
   SAC Alloys
   Sn/Pb Alloys
   Sn/Cu Alloys

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