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Printing paste

AIM, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials
for the electronics industry, introduces M8 Solder Paste, a high
reliability no clean paste.

•  Available with SAC305; REL61;REL22; PB alloy


•   Low voiding on BGA and BTC components
•   REACH and RoHS compliant
•   For use with demanding, high density electronic assemblies
•   High SIR/Electrically safe residue
•   Formulated for use with T4 or finer powder
•   Mitigates head-in-pillow

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Dispensing paste

AIM’s dispensing paste are designed for high end industrial applications. the own made power guarantee a top quality.

Pastes are available for:

- Repair applications

- Screw valves

- Jet valves

- Mycronic Jet valve


- Clear Pin-Probe Testable Residue

- Excellent Wetting, Even Leadless Devices

- Reduces Voiding Under Micro-BGAs

- 12-14 Hour Tack Time- Vapor Phase Compatible

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Available pastes are:


  M8 NC257LT J8  NC257MD
time_pressure X X    
screw valve X X    
volume screw X X    
Jet valve X      
Mycronic JET       X
Printer paste X X    
SN100C X   X  
SN/Bi   X    

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